A Scottsdale Fall Portrait Session

Sometimes, with little ones in that one to two year old age, they just want to run.  Sort of like this:

We were recently in Scottsdale, and photographed a portrait session where that was exactly the case.  But with twins that are 18 months old, and a big sister that’s four, it’s almost to be expected.  So, rather than forcing poses (and tears to go along with), I chased after them.  And photographed them in true documentary style, capturing life as it was for this family in this particular time.  Here’s a peek at some of Mom’s favorites.  Happy Wednesday!

Scottsdale-Family-Portrait-Photography-Kushner-001 Scottsdale-Family-Portrait-Photography-Kushner-005 Scottsdale-Family-Portrait-Photography-Kushner-006 Scottsdale-Family-Portrait-Photography-Kushner-008 Scottsdale-Family-Portrait-Photography-Kushner-018

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