An Extra Special Kauai Family Portrait Session – Koloa, Hawaii

We did a little island hopping over the 4th of July holiday for an extra special Destination Family portrait session.  It was a trip that had already been in the works for the entire family.  But they came without one important member.  Darlene passed away last December after a short battle with cancer.  The family vacation suddenly became a special time for the family to gather in a beautiful location and celebrate her life.

I was able to photograph the family at their private rental home in Koloa on the evening of the littlest member’s second birthday.  It was so fun to get a glimpse into their lives together.  We set up shop in the backyard and families mingled in and out before gathering together for a big family portrait.  The next morning, we gathered together on the lanai to view the photographs.  It was such an honor to be able to photograph such a sweet time, and to watch them see themselves through my lens.  Through birthdays and loss and celebration of lives.  This family sticks together.  Always.  I asked the family to send along a photo of Darlene, which has been included at the end of this post.


In Memory of Darlene Lance: 1939-2014.


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