Family Photography Ideas: Wear a Swimsuit to Show Off Your Baby Bump

It’s always beach season in Maui, and just about everyone here has a favorite swimsuit or two in their beachwear collection (me included!). The other thing about Maui is that it’s always babymoon season. And a babymoon is the best time for unique family photography, or gorgeous maternity portraits that will serve as your first-ever family photographs. While there are plenty of gorgeous bump-hugging wardrobes out there, I always try to get my mommies-to-be into a bikini for a few of the photographs. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the top swimsuit styles especially for baby bumps!

Wear a Swimsuit to Show Off Your Baby Bump

Wear a Swimsuit to Show Off Your Baby Bump J Crew MaternitySupportive Bikinis

Your belly isn’t the only thing getting bigger throughout your pregnancy! While a bandeaux-style bathing suit top might work for you when you aren’t pregnant, it might not provide enough support for the girls when you are. Try a supportive halter top and low-rise bottoms like this J Crew suit (shown left).

Trendy Tankinis

If you prefer to hide your belly, you can always stay covered up with a trendy tankini, which is essentially a tank top with separate bottoms. Perhaps you want the reassurance of a top tied around your neck – try this Beach Twist Halter Tankini Top from Maternity Loft.

Warning: if you plan to have maternity portraits taken with your belly out and proudly displayed, we advise against a tankini prior to the photo shoot. Take care to ensure your belly gets just as much color as the rest of you!

Wear a Swimsuit to Show Off Your Baby Bump Boys and ArrowsMaternity-Specific Swimwear

If you want to save yourself the trouble of guesswork, go straight to the source! Many designers and department stores (like Nordstrom and Target) offer swimwear specifically designed for your growing bump, but advice from most experts across the board is to generally stay away from one-piece bathing suits. They can get too constricting as your belly grows and wraps about your bump.

Our Favorite: The Demi-Style Bikini

Another beautifully flattering bikini style for your pregnant figure (and our personal favorite) is the classic demi top pictured on Robyn in the photo above.  The traditional low-cut demi-shape gives the girls the perfect bost and is beautifully feminine.  We love this fun and flirty bird-print bikini (shown left)!


The bottom line? Proudly display those gorgeous curves! And don’t be afraid to bring your new suit along to your photoshoot. Professional photographers (myself included) will thank you, capturing the most beautiful moments of your pregnancy.

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