Goldie Hawn in Porter: Family Photography At Home

My very favorite type of family photography session takes place at a client’s home.  Whether it’s their actual residence, or a private villa that’s being rented for an unforgettable vacation.  I love the relaxed normalcy of the environment.  The familiarity provides a certain comfort level with children in particular.  And the ability to photograph outdoors without strangers coming into the frame, well, the far-off background of a public place is the perfect icing on the cake.

We just had a session like that on Kauai last week (that we will be blogging very soon!).  While there, I picked up the latest issue of PORTER for some poolside reading and was thrilled when I came to the article on Goldie Hawn.  She was photographed at home by Pamela Hanson Photography.  Just Goldie and her grandchildren.  In a normal, everyday type of setting.  I love everything about the photographs.

We decided to share two of our favorite photographs from the article, with the permission of photographer Pamela Hanson of course. We hope they’re as inspiring to you as they are to us! When you’re on your way to the pool this weekend, pick up the latest issue of PORTER yourself, to see more of this gorgeous photography and learn all about Goldie’s thoughts on beauty, aging, and marriage.

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