Luxury Retreats Maui Family Portrait Session: the Campbells

We’re kicking off the week with a Luxury Retreats family portrait session for the Campbells!

When Heather booked her session, she told me of the extra special reason their family was making their way to our little island across the ocean from their California home.  Her grandmother was turning 100.  And Maui was on her bucket list.  So they pulled the family together.  Booked the gorgeous South Beach villa.  And celebrated Luella’s centennial birthday in style!

I met the family at their private villa, and photographed until there was no light left.  The evening was a little windy, and Luella’s hair was freshly done.  But we managed to sneak her out onto the front patio for a few portraits.  And we snuck in a couple with Heather’s brother.  And then soaked up the rest of the light with Heather’s family.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love photographing siblings.  I love their silliness.  I love the way they know just how to tickle each other in the most ticklish places.  I love the genuine love when they’re too little to truly appreciate each other.

And Heather’s boys were no exception.  After we got the real work out of the way, I had them shake the silly out.  And run on the beach that was their home for the week.  They told be about the protected nest of turtle eggs just up the beach that would hatch any day.  And they climbed trees.  And cuddled their sister.

They were the best kind of models.

Happy Monday!

 Maui Hawaii Luxury Retreats South Beach Family Portrait PhotographerMaui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-056Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-057Maui Hawaii Luxury Retreats South Beach Family Portrait Photographer Maui Hawaii Luxury Retreats South Beach Family Portrait Photographer Maui Hawaii Luxury Retreats South Beach Family Portrait Photographer Maui Hawaii Luxury Retreats South Beach Family Portrait Photographer Maui Hawaii Luxury Retreats South Beach Family Portrait PhotographerMaui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-040Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-043Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-052Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-065Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-069Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-071Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-074Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-075Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-076Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-079Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-080Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-091Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-093Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-097Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-101Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-103Maui-Hawaii-Luxury-Retreats-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Campbell-105

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