Published: Belle Lumière

If you haven’t heard of Belle Lumière, you want to.  It’s a quarterly magazine that features photographers who photograph images in film and the artists that work along side them.  When translated Belle Lumière means “beautiful light” in French and each page of our magazine showcases that beautiful light only film can capture.  The French translation was not only decided on because of the beauty of the language but also because France is where chemical photography was invented and the first ever portrait was captured in Paris circa 1838.  Each issue will not only feature extremely talented artists but also write-ups that include inspiration and stories to go along with the images.

They just released their third issue, and I’m so thrilled to have the film version of the Jauregui’s family portrait session in Bend last summer be a part of it (view the digital version on our old blog here).

You can get a copy for yourself right here.  Happy Friday!

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