Sampson – Brasada Ranch, Bend Oregon Photographer

Josh, I apologize in advance for what I’m about to say: another man has stolen my heart.  From the second I met Sampson and his mop of hair at just three months old, he had me.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing him now four times since our first meeting, and he just keeps getting cuter.  We had a quiet session together with just him and his momma in the hushed beauty of Brasada Ranch a few weeks ago.

Toddlers can be difficult to photograph – most of the time I’m running  backwards, praying that something ends up in focus.  But on this Central Oregon morning, Sampson kept pretty close to his mom.  Wanting to be held – but not in a fussy sort of way.  He just wanted to be with her.  And the result is some beautifully tender moments that were a privilege to photograph.

Kara ordered an album of this sweet session, and I loved it so much that I had to order a copy for the studio.  Happy Wednesday!

Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-01 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-03 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-04 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-07 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-08 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-09 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-13 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-14 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-17 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-22 Bend-Oregon-Children-Family-Photography-Brasada-Ranch-Jane-Johnson-26album-pic

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