Tropical Babymoon Maternity Portraits

I have some gorgeous tropical babymoon maternity portraits to share with you today!  I’m getting caught up on blogging the sessions from my September traveling extravaganza.  After we left Bend, we went up to Whidbey Island in Washington for a couple of days of r&r with some close friends.  I managed to get my camera out on our first night there.  When I did, I realized I hadn’t had my big camera out to photograph anything personal and non-client-related in years.  Sometimes a beautiful sunset, great friends, and a bottle of wine is enough of a push.


After Whidbey Island, Josh and I parted ways.  He flew west to Maui.  I flew east to Florida.  And met up with this pretty lady and her husband for another beach house weekend on the other side of the country:


And then I hopped to yet another beach house to meet up with four other photographers.  It was our annual girls’ week in Rosemary Beach to soak up some sun, laugh a lot, and hash out a lot of business.  We did all that on the roof.  And at the beach.  And over dinner and drinks and fondue desserts.  Having recently moved to Maui, I needed a complete overhaul of my business plan.  These girls are such a life saver for me both personally and professionally.  A peek at our trip through the eyes of Instagram:


A favorite film photo by the amazing Mandy Johnson:


On our last evening together, the five of us went out into the gorgeous neighborhood of Rosemary Beach, cameras in hand.  We took head shots.  And we did a little photo shoot with Joy and her pregnant belly.  I finished photographing her on the beach just as the last bit of sun disappeared.  After all, every woman needs some tropical maternity portraits on a white sand beach with the most beautiful turquoise water!


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