Wailea Family Portraits

Misty.  That’s the only word I know to start this post with.  Her name.  Misty was one of Shawna’s best friends.  Whenever I think of her, I think of Shawna.  They are forever connected in my mind.  And when Shawna was sick, Misty was her life saver.  The all-cherry lifesaver pack that you always dreamed of before they made it a thing.

At almost every doctor appointment, Misty was there.  The good ones and the bad ones.  At the early ones her hand was busy faithfully and furiously writing down every single word foreign word while Scott and Shawna stood in front of a fire hydrant of information, shocked and overwhelmed.  And at the end ones, she simply held Shawna’s hand.  She was at chemo treatments, OHSU appointments and fundraisers.  And at home, she was on her knees begging for God’s mercy.

Misty is an exemplary friend.  And she was recently in Maui with her family of five.  And I got to get my camera on them on a gorgeous Maui morning.  It was such an honor to give a gift to a woman who has given so much of herself.  A woman that Shawna loved fiercely.

Haima family: come back to Maui!  We had so much fun while you were here!  Until next time.

Just the kids, Maui | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyMother and daughter, joy | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographySweet love | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyBeautiful family portrait in Wailea | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyDaddy's little girl | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyBrother fun! | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyThis one is so special | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyThe boys | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographySweet moments | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographyLove on Maui | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotographySnorkeling fun in Wailea | #familyphotography #janejohnsonphotography

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